Monday, 17 April 2017

Review: Sunset Boulevard

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It's time for my review of Sunset Boulevard.
I tried to get tickets for Sunset Boulevard when it was playing at the London Coliseum last year in April, however tickets were very expensive so in the end I had to give it a miss. Luckily, the Broadway production was doing rush, which gave me the opportunity to see this production. I had a feeling the show would be good, but it seems I didn't realise quite how good it would be. It is phenomenal and surpassed all my expectations! I absolutely adored Sunset Boulevard! The story follows past silent screen actress Norma Desmond, who has recently faded out into obscurity and is slowly going insane. A young screenwriter turns up at her door one day and he is kept there like a prisoner. Whenever he tries to leave, she attempts to commit suicide. I was really moved by the storyline and found it gripping from beginning to end. The more dramatic moments of the show are done perfectly and I mainly give credit to director Lonny Price for this. I consider Lonny Price to be one of the best stage directors at the moment. All the cast are phenomenal, especially the lead four. The lead four are Glenn Close as Norma Desmond, Michael Xavier as Joe Gillis, Siobhan Dillon as Betty Schaefer and Fred Johanson as Max von Meyerling. Glenn Close gives one of the best performances onstage that I have ever seen. It's amazing to think she originated the role on Broadway over 20 years ago! This is a performance that cannot be praised enough. Her performance is magical, it's the best performance I've seen since Michael C. Hall in Lazarus. Glenn Close's performance is worth the ticket price alone, and then some. Even though they are up against a big star like Glenn Close, Michael Xavier, Siobhan Dillon and Fred Johanson all hold their own and give amazing and memorable performances. They all shine! The lighting and costume design are both exceptional. As you can see, I loved this show from start to finish and I am really happy I got the chance to see this amazing revival. It's a show I won't be forgetting and would happily see it again if given the chance.

The featured star of Sunset Boulevard is, drum roll please... GLENN CLOSE!

Glenn Close is giving the performance of a lifetime. It's amazing to think she is 70 years old; I don't think too many people could pull that off at 70! Her voice is absolutely phenomenal. Her rendition of 'As If We Never Said Goodbye' is incredible.

Now for my final verdict on Sunset Boulevard. I give Sunset Boulevard...

I had to give this show 5 stars; the show is amazing with no faults. I cannot come up with any critiques for this production, it's perfect in every way!

Agree with my rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

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