Monday, 25 January 2016

Review: Shrek the Musical

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of Shrek the Musical.
I have to be honest, I LOVE Shrek the Musical! It's my guilty pleasure. I saw it 7 times in the West End and I also saw the filmed Broadway version on DVD. The show was my favourite for quite a long time and is still very high up in my list (number 6). The UK and Ireland tour sadly wasn't as good as the West End, but it was a great effort. The costumes are amazing, especially the costumes of the three little pigs. Cast members who stood out for me were Iain Mattley who was understudying as Shrek, Gerard Carey as Lord Farquaad and Candace Furbert as Dragon and Fairy Godmother. It was obvious Ian Matley was trying really hard and it paid off as he was great! Gerard Carey was an absolute scene stealer and he was a pleasure to watch. Candace Furbert had a stunning voice and was phenomenal during the song 'Forever'. It's a very, very funny show with most of my favourite jokes delivered by Lord Farquaad. The ensemble were all really good as was the choreography. The songs are all cleverly written and very memorable. My favourite songs are 'Who I'd Be' and 'Freak Flag'. The orchestra were also great. I didn't think the sets were as good as in the West End, but I know that it is hard to have an amazing set with a touring production. I felt the show wasn't as well directed as in the West End. Idris Kargbo as Donkey, Bronté Barbé as Princess Fiona and Will Haswell as Pinocchio all seemed miscast. I wasn't too keen on Idris's take on the role. I think the problem is I saw Richard Blackwood in the role 7 times and I was so used to seeing him it was odd seeing someone else. Bronté's facial expressions were a little irritating and something that I think should've been worked on. I wasn't overly keen on Will's Pinocchio voice. It's a very tough voice to master. There were a few edits from the West End version which wasn't really necessary. I don't think Shrek is a show you can have a touring version of, but I am glad they are sharing this great show around the UK and Ireland.

The featured star of Shrek the Musical is, drum roll please... GERARD CAREY!

Gerard was astonishing and for me was the best part of the show. He was a great actor, magnificent singer and had impeccable comic timing.

Now for my final verdict on Shrek the Musical is, drum roll please... GERARD CAREY!

Honestly, the main reason I gave this rating was because Gerard's performance was so amazing. This was a worthy effort and I would definitely recommend it.

Think it should have got a higher rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

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