Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My First Anniversary and The Basic Theatre Awards

Hey readers!
In just over a week I will be celebrating my first anniversary with my blog. On February 5th 2015 I created this blog and it has brought me much happiness since. I thank all who have read a review of mine and I just want you all to know that it means so much that you have taken a look at my blog. In the past year I have seen some absolutely mesmerising shows, with some even changing the way I think about life. There are some shows that haven't been so good, but I don't regret seeing them as they have all been great experiences. To celebrate my first anniversary I will launching The Basic Theatre Awards. I am recruiting you guys to help me decide what were the best shows and performances of the year. I have made some shortlists of shows and performances for you guys to vote on. This will include all West End, Broadway, Off-West End, Off-Broadway and UK Touring Productions I have seen over the year. The voting has opened as of today, 27th January, and will close on 27th February. The results will be announced on March 12th. The categories are; Best Production of a Musical, Best Production of a Play, Best Leading Actor in a Musical, Best Leading Actress in a Musical, Best Leading Actor in a Play, Best Leading Actress in a Play, Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, Best Supporting Actress in a Musical, Best Supporting Actor in a Play, Best Supporting Actress in a Play and Best Understudy. Best Musical and Best Play include new shows, revivals. All categories include old shows. All acting categories include replacements. Best understudy includes play, musical, male and female. Actors who weren't performing when I went to visit a show are not eligible. If anyone would like to know who I decided would go as leading and who would go as supporting you are welcome to ask me. Under 16s are not eligible. If you wish to only vote for one category you are welcome to do so, just tick none of the above for the category's you don't want to vote for. The link to voting is:

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Blood Brothers.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading and don't forget to vote!

-The Reviewer

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