Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Basic Theatre Awards Results 2015/2016

Hey readers!

After 4 weeks of voting and two weeks of waiting it is finally time to announce the results for the Basic Theatre Awards! On the final day of voting, voters entered into triple digits and I thank all who took the time to support their favourite actors and productions. I am sure the winners are very grateful for all the support you have given them. There was an overwhelmingly positive response to these awards so I am sure we will see them return next year! Without further ado, here are the results:

Winning with 33% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Understudy goes to...

Derek Hagen in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the West End as Willy Wonka!

I have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 5 times, but I have never seen a Willy Wonka like Derek Hagen's. He can act, he can sing, he can dance, he gives a truly magical performance! I have said this before and I will say it again, I am absolutely astounded that he has not been cast full time! It is obvious the public agree with me that how perfect he is in the role.

The other nominees were
  • Jackie Burns-If/Then
  • Angel Reda-Chicago
  • Kaley Ann Voorhees-The Phantom of the Opera
  • Shona White-Mamma Mia

Winning with 22% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Play goes to...

Samantha Spiro in A Christmas Carol on the West End as Mrs. Lack, Lavinia Bentham, Mrs. Grimes, Fran, Isabella, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Maid!

This category was very close with voting and could've got any way but in the end Samantha's great acting managed to take the award. Samantha is amazing in everything she does! I saw her in Di and Viv and Rose earlier in the year where she was, once again, brilliant! In A Christmas Carol she showed a very strong versatility and was perfectly casted. She will be in Guys and Dolls later this month which I hope to see as I know she will once again be incredible.

The other nominees were
  • Lindsay Duncan-A Delicate Balance
  • Susannah Allman-In the Dead of Night
  • Kate O'Flynn-The Trial
  • Amelia Bullmore-A Christmas Carol

Winning with 25% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Play goes to...

Keir Charles in A Christmas Carol on the West End as Frederick, Mr. Grimes, Mr. Fezziwig, George and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come!

In some cases, when opposite Academy Award winners, actors tend to fade into the background, but not Keir Charles! Keir, like his co-star Samantha, is also very versatile! In A Christmas Carol he has to play several very different roles and he is extremely good at it. He also had great comic timing! If A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder transfers to the West End he would be perfect as The D'Ysquith Family!

The other nominees were 
  • Ross Harper Millar-In the Dead of Night
  • John Simm-Three Days in the Country
  • Oliver Chris-King Charles III
  • Richard Goulding-King Charles III

Winning with 44% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical goes to...

Gavin Lee in Les Misérables on Broadway as Thénardier!

Gavin Lee gives such a unique interpretation as Thénardier and has impeccable comic timing. After he's finished with Les Misérables, Gavin is heading onto Spongebob the Musical! Hopefully after this he will come back to England and show the rest of the UK how stunning he is in Les Misérables. A few years ago I saw him in Top Hat as Jerry Travers which he was also phenomenal in, he is a star! 

The other nominees were
  • Brad Oscar-Something Rotten
  • Daveed Diggs-Hamilton
  • Anthony Ramos-Hamilton
  • Jonathan Groff-Hamilton

Winning with 32% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Production of a Musical goes to...

Hamilton on Broadway!

This is an absolutely groundbreaking musical! Performances, music, lighting, directing, choreography, costumes, it's all just breathtaking! With 7 other Basic Theatre Award nominations, it was bound to win something! This is my favourite all time musical, I am not sure anything could ever top it! I don't think words could express how amazing I think this musical is. There is more chance of a pig flying than Hamilton not winning the Tony award for Best New Musical!

The other nominees were
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-West End
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street-London
  • Something Rotten-Broadway
  • Finding Neverland-Broadway

Winning with 52% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Production of a Play goes to...

War Horse on the West End!

Today, on the 12th March, War Horse will sadly play it's final performance in the West End. I am absolutely devastated this is closing, I really hope this isn't the last time we hear of this spectacular play! What stands out for me with this show is the puppetry, it's sensational! There is no show like this, all of this play is complete and utter genius!

The other nominees were
  • The Ruling Class-West End
  • In the Dead of Night-Fringe
  • The Spoils-Off Broadway
  • Romeo and Juliet-UK Tour

Winning with 47% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical goes to...

Jodie Prenger in Annie on the UK Tour as Miss. Hannigan!

I have seen Jodie in Oliver, Calamity Jane and Annie and every time she has been incredible! Jodie has a fantastic stage presence and brings a lot of energy onto the stage. Every time I have seen her perform she has been a joy to watch! She is doing a one-woman show at the moment touring the UK which I encourage people to see so they can witness Jodie's great acting skill!

The other nominees were
  • Josefina Gabrielle-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Kate Reinders-Something Rotten
  • Renée Elise Goldsberry-Hamilton
  • Cristin Milioti-Lazarus

Winning with 42%, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Leading Actor in a Play goes to...

James McAvoy in The Ruling Class on the West End as Jack, the 14th Earl of Gurney!

James is in a class of his own, he gives a remarkable and unforgettable performance! Personally, I feel he gave the best performance of the year! I'm not sure if words could describe his stunning performance! I am really happy my voters agreed with me as he truly deserves this award. Hopefully he'll return to the theatre sometime during 2016!

The other nominees were
  • Jesse Eisenberg-The Spoils
  • Rory Kinnear-The Trial
  • Tim Pigott-Smith-King Charles III
  • Kenneth Branagh-Harlequinade

Winning with 59%, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Leading Actress in a Play goes to...

Helen Mirren in The Audience on Broadway as Queen Elizabeth II

Helen's portrayal of the Queen is remarkable. In The Audience she mastered the role perfectly and could not be faulted in any way whatsoever. Helen is so professional onstage and is very versatile. She is so multi-talented and it was such a delight to see her live. I am pleased she received this award as she is very deserving.

The other nominees were
  • Ruth Wilson-Constellations
  • Anne Hathaway-Grounded
  • Niamh Cusack-Ticking
  • Laurie Metcalf-Misery

Winning with 49% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical goes to...

Imelda Staunton in Gypsy on the West End as Momma Rose!

Imelda's performance was a tour de force! She has such a presence when she is onstage, nothing could outshine her, not even a bright light! I always knew Imelda was a fantastic actress, but I never knew she could sing like that! I could even hear her from the very back of the dress circle! She is a true star!

The other nominees were
  • Carly Hughes-Chicago
  • Emma Thomson-Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • Lily Frazer-In the Heights
  • Phillipa Soo-Hamilton

Winning with 46% of the votes, the Basic Theatre Award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical goes to...

Glenn Carter in Jesus Christ Superstar on the UK Tour as Jesus Christ!

Glenn gives an astounding performance and puts so much emotion into the role, especially during the crucifixion scene. He has such a powerful voice that will raise the roof in any theatre! I am really keen to see him in the theatre again soon! He has been doing this role for 20 years now so I am happy he has received this award.

The other nominees were
  • Jefferson Mays-A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder
  • Killian Donnelly-Kinky Boots
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda-Hamilton
  • Leslie Odom Jr.-Hamilton
And that wraps things up! Once again thanks to all who voted and lets hope 2016 is another great year for theatre!

Thanks for reading!

-The Reviewer


  1. Hurray for Hamilton! Also pleased with Helen Mirren and what a great way for War Horse to end its run!

    1. Hamilton was certainly a worthy winner! I'm so sad that War Horse closed, but as you say, what a better way to go out than with a Basic Theatre Award? ;)

  2. Glenn Carter!!!! So well deserved.