Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Review: Chicago (UK Tour)

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It's time for my review of Chicago.
When it was announced that Celebrity Big Brother finalist John Partridge and X Factor winner Sam Bailey were touring round the UK in Chicago, having seen it twice in New York, I jumped out of my seat! I'd read mixed reviews, but I can say with 100% certainty that this production was better than New York. It was funnier, the dancing was better and the staging was better. This production seemed to have a spark that the Broadway production didn't have. The Broadway show was still incredible, but this has the edge. The ensemble were stunning, each and every one of them were extraordinary dancers! The costumes, lighting and choreography were all remarkable. The orchestra were live onstage and they were also stunning. Cast members who stood out for me were Haley Tamaddon as Roxie Hart, who had perfect comic timing, Sophie Carmen-Jones as Velma Kelly, who was absolutely flawless in everything she did, John Partridge as Billy Flynn, who had a great stage presence, Sam Bailey as Matron "Mama" Morton, who had a powerful voice that brought the roof down and A.D. Richardson as Mary Sunshine, who also had a powerful voice. The cast gelled together really well. Comparing the cast to the two different casts I saw on Broadway, Haley Tamaddon was just as good as Jennifer Nettles, but not quite as good as my favourite Angel Reda as Roxie Hart. Sophie Carmen-Jones wasn't quite as good as Carly Hughes, for me no one can beat Carly, but was 100 times better than Amra-Faye Wright in the role of Velma Kelly. John Partridge was just as good as Alexander Gemignani and John Dossett in the role of Billy Flynn. Neil Ditt sadly wasn't as good as Raymond Bokhour as Amos Hart. Sam Bailey was just as good as NaTasha Yvette Williams as Matron "Mama" Morton and finally A.D. Richardson was even better than M. Deming and just as good as R. Lowe playing Mary Sunshine. Some criticism I have for the show is that Haley's singing was a little weak, but as her acting was so superb it didn't really matter, Neil Ditt didn't seem pathetic enough as Amos Hart and the American accents really need working on as there were a few accents that kept on sliding back into English.

The featured star of Chicago is, drum roll please... SOPHIE-CARMEN JONES!

Sophie was absolutely flawless. She is a stunning actress, singer and dancing, there was absolutely nothing she couldn't do! She was perfectly casted!

Now for my final verdict on Chicago. I give Chicago... 

Chicago will be touring till October, don't miss your chance to see this stunning show, or you will regret it!

Join me next time when I will be reviewing The Master Builder

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