Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Review: The Misadventures of David and Sam

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It's time for my review of The Misadventures of David and Sam.
Join farmers, David and Sam, under the watchful eye of their rumbustious Gran, as they courteously portray to you their untold and epic adventures at VAULT Festival, in the flesh, at Waterloo. They don't promise facts. They don't even promise to get to the end of the show but there's nothing to fear and nothing to lose because Granny Barbs will be there and she always keeps us them on the straight and narrow. Always.

The main attraction of The Misadventures of David and Sam comes from its stellar cast, consisting of three extraordinarily talented performers: Liam Cullen as David, George Wing as Sam and Michelle Pittoni as Granny. Throughout the play's hour-long running time, they all brought boundless energy from beginning to end, delivering remarkable performances in the process. Each actor showed a great range skills and versatility, and the different accents and characterisations depicted were all marvellous. A point at which this was particularly prominent was during Cullen's hilarious portrayal of 'Helga', a young and naive Austrian girl, which may very well have been the overall highlight of the entire show. In relation to the show's comedic elements, the performers all had outstanding comic timing, and each joke appeared to land very well with the audience. Cullen, Wing and Pittoni all had great chemistry with one another, and their talents all complimented each other's nicely. As well as interacting well with each other, the way in which they interacted with the audience was also interesting to see. Their spontaneous encounters with certain audience members was delightful, and was seemingly bolstered by strong improvisational skills.

The play is primarily a comedy, and is filled with endless jokes from beginning to end. The show advertises itself as a show designed to appeal to the whole family, and I would argue that the writing did in fact achieve this. There were jokes that could resonate with people of all ages, and it was evident throughout that both children and adults alike were laughing in hysterics. There were a number of extremely clever pop culture references, and I particularly enjoyed the brief allusion to the infamous 'David's Dead' moment from hit reality TV show 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The Misadventures of David and Sam makes use of traverse staging, which I thought worked rather effectively. This style of staging allowed us to see other audience member's reactions, which proved to be almost as entertaining as the show itself. There was genuine laughter and amazement from the audience of all different ages, and that was really nice to witness. Everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, which serves as a clear testament to the show's quality.

Now for my final verdict on The Misadventures of David and Sam. I give The Misadventures of David and Sam...

The Misadventures of David and Sam was an absolutely joyous occasion, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Think it should have got a higher rating? Agree with my rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

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