Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Review: School of Rock (Broadway)

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of School of Rock.
I wasn't originally planning to see this during my theatre marathon but I am certainly glad I did as it is a phenomenal show! The music is very well composed and my favourite songs in the show are 'If Only You Would Listen' and 'Stick It to the Man'. The lighting, costumes and choreography were amazing and I have a feeling Natasha Katz will get a Tony nomination and possibly a win for her lighting design. All the sets were very well designed, with the classroom set being the most effective. Cast members who stood out for me were Alex Brightman as Dewey Finn, Spencer Moses as Ned Schneebly, Mamie Parris as Patty Di Marco and all the kids. The children were all insanely talented and I am sure that they all have bright futures! I think Alex Brightman was perfect casting and I doubt there is anyone near as good as him. The synopsis for School of Rock is: Down-on-his-luck wannabe rock star Dewey Finn poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school to make ends meet. When he discovers his students' musical talents, he enlists his fifth-graders to form a rock group and conquer the Battle of the Bands. I found the story quite moving and it was really interesting as I have never seen the movie. I think perhaps the first 20 minutes could be edited as for that period of time I wasn't too keen on the show. Many people have been saying that Sierra Boggess is miscast in the role of Rosalie Mullins. I don't think she is miscast, however I do think that there are many people that would have done a better job. If it were me I would have probably cast Jennifer Nettles. This show has a really lively feel and it managed to cure my jet lag from my flight from England to America. It's in my top 3 favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals and I am sure this show will be enjoyed by many people.

The featured star of School of Rock is, drum roll please… ALEX BRIGHTMAN!

Alex is absolutely mesmerising in this show! He has great comic timing, he's an amazing singer and an exceptional actor, what else could you want in a leading actor?

Now for my for my final verdict on School of Rock. I give School of Rock… 

Apparently School of Rock will be transferring to London soon so I will be certainly counting down the days!

Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Misery.

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