Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Review: Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
I originally wasn't going to see this show, but I managed to find some time and headed to Radio City Music Hall. The show was very, very odd, but I am nevertheless glad I saw it. It was a really weird mix of events. One second we had a stage full of dancing Santa's and the next it was all religious with camels. It was even weirder than The Rocky Horror Show! I personally wasn't keen on the storyline, but I am sure it would've been appealing to younger kids. I think a way to put this show is that it was very Disney. I'm surprised that at the end of the show they didn't say "Have a magical day!" (Disney World joke). I didn't think Charles Edward Hall as Santa Claus was very good as he couldn't really sing. He also didn't seem to have big presence. Radio City Music Hall is massive and to play Santa you need to have a big presence. If I were the director I would've made it just The Rockettes as they were phenomenal! It's a shame, The Rockettes are so good, but sadly the rest of the show ruins it for me. I just didn't connect with it. There were so many different storylines! They should've perhaps picked a better storyline and just stuck with it. Another thing which I think is worth flagging up is that they need to let people in earlier. Because the queue was so big outside not everyone got in on time and it was annoying constantly having people being seated throughout the show. There were also loads of people getting out of their seats and then returning. This was very distracting! They also allow people to take pictures, which I don't object to, but as most people used their phones as cameras I constantly saw people taking breaks to text. I don't understand why people pay money to see a show, but then just spend the time texting. It just seems such a waste of money if all someone's going to do during the show is text! I really loved 'The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers', especially the ending of the dance. Despite it's major flaws, I am glad I went to see this show as it is certainly an experience and it's one that I think everyone has to do at least once.

The featured star of Radio City Christmas Spectacular is, drum roll please... THE ROCKETTES!

The Rockettes were amazing, each of them all had so much talent! I really hope one day they do a show in London as I know they're amazing talent would be really appreciated in London.

Now for my final verdict on Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I give Radio City Christmas Spectacular... 

It may not have many stars, however I am sure little kids would love this show.

Think it should have got a higher rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

This concludes my amazing New York holiday! I am so happy I got to see all these stunning shows whilst I was in New York! I will now be doing a London theatre marathon so join me next time when I will be reviewing Guys and Dolls.

Thanks for reading!

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