Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Review: Lazarus

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of Lazarus.
Lazarus is a show I have been wanting to see for so long. I wasn't too familiar with David Bowie's music, but being the massive How I Met Your Mother fan I am I just had to see Cristin Milioti live. I was a bit weary due to mixed reviews, but I loved this show! Many people have said that they don't understand the storyline, but for me that is the greatest thing about the show. You can assume your own storyline. I have a theory that the play is set in a mental asylum and I have found major evidence to back this up. There are so many different ways you could interpret the show. I loved the music, especially 'Life on Mars'. The set was basic, yet successful. The lighting was well done. There were a few screens on the stage which are very clever. The cast were all spectacular, but cast members who stood out for me were Michael C. Hall as Newton, Cristin Milioti as Elly, Michael Esper as Valentine and last but certainly not least Sophia Ann Caruso as Girl. All of them were astounding at acting and singing. When they announced that the show would last two hours without an interval I wasn't too sure, but it went by very quickly and didn't need an interval. Michael C. Hall is brilliant in his role and was perfectly casted. This was a really good role for Cristin Milioti as it showed a side to her acting ability that we hadn't seen before. Michael Esper has a really nice voice and his rendition of 'Valentine's Day' is lovely. It is hard to believe Sophia Ann Caruso is only 14 as she has a stunning voice. She has a bright future ahead of her! The only thing I have to criticise about the show is that I really wasn't keen on the first 15 minutes and if I had been the director I would have edited it.

The featured star of Lazarus is, drum roll please... CRISTIN MILIOTI!

Cristin was amazing! It takes a very good actor to portray someone with a mental illness. She also has a really nice voice.

Now for my final verdict on Lazarus. I give Lazarus... 

It is understandable that this show is sold-out as it is truly amazing. I would love to hear other peoples theories on what the show was about.

Think it should have got a higher rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

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