Sunday, 27 December 2015

Review: Fun Home

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of Fun Home.
Fun Home is a show I have been wanting to see for a very long time so finally on Boxing Day I managed to visit the show. Sadly, it was the worst musical I have ever seen. This show did not deserve a single nomination, let alone winning 6 awards! In my opinion all of these awards should have been given to Something Rotten which is a far superior musical. Perhaps if this were a high school production I wouldn't have minded, but being a Broadway show charging £120 per ticket I was hoping for something a little better. All the casting was very poor and the only good cast members were Emily Skeggs as Medium Alison and Gabriella Pizzolo as Small Alison. The storyline is dull and boring. For those who would like to know the synopsis it is: After her father dies unexpectedly, Alison dives deep into her past to tell the story of the volatile, brilliant, one-of-a-kind man whose temperament and secrets defined her family and her life. Moving between past and present, Alison relives her unique childhood playing at the family’s Bechdel Funeral Home, her growing understanding of her own sexuality, and the looming, unanswerable questions about her father’s hidden desires. The chemistry between all the actors was non-existent. The songs were very forgettable and I found it hard to remember any of the songs after the show. Everyone talks about how amazing Michael Ceveris is, but I thought he was awful. He couldn't act, he couldn't sing, god knows how he won a tony over Brian d'Arcy James! I also didn't think the costumes and set were that fantastic. After the show I couldn't get over what rubbish I had seen. On the positive side, Emily and Gabriella had really nice voices and there were 1 or 2 nice songs. Oh well, not all shows are going to appeal to my taste!

The featured star of Fun Home is, drum roll please… EMILY SKEGGS!

Emily had a really lovely voice and was a good actor. I find it a shame that Emily is in this production as it is really a waste of her amazing talent.

Now for my final verdict on Fun Home. I give Fun Home… 

In my life, I had only ever seen three other two star shows, so I hate to do it but if I dislike a show this much I have to. 

Think it should have got a higher rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Hamilton.

Thanks for reading!

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