Thursday, 6 August 2015

Review: Calamity Jane

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of Calamity Jane.
I had tickets booked for The Trial last night and wasn't too sure what to do during the day so I decided to get standby seats for Calamity Jane. I was very pleased I did because this show was MAGNIFICENT! It was one of the best things at Richmond Theatre this year. The music is great. There was one particular song 'Careless With the Truth' which has been stuck in my head ever since I left the theatre. All the songs were very well written and are all very catchy. The cast were spectacular. The cast played their own instruments and it was very clear there were some very talented musicians within the cast. The cast included Jodie Prenger as Calamity Jane, Tom Lister as Wild Bill Hickock, Alex Hammond as Danny Gilmartin, Sophia Ragavelas as Katie Brown, Anthony Dunn as Henry Miller, Sioned Saunders as Susan and Bobby Delaney as Francis Flyer. There was not a single weak link throughout the whole cast. All the cast had great comic timing, especially Tom Lister. The way they used the set was very clever, for example they used a piano and some whips to make a horse and carriage with the help of some coconuts to create the sound. The storyline for those interested is: In the wild-west outpost of Deadwood City, 1876, we find the sharpshooting tomboy, Calamity Jane surrounded by cowboys, townsfolk, and the famous Wild Bill Hickok. After a mix-up in the talent pool at Deadwood's saloon-theatre, Calam goes to Chicago to import to Deadwood the glamorous actress, Adelaid Adams, but returns by mistake with her maid, Katie Brown instead. The choreography and costumes were also very good, with the costumes being very realistic to what they would've worn back in 1867. I also felt it was very well casted, particularly Jodie Prenger. The only thing that could use a bit of work is the accents that occasionally slipped out and also were sometimes hard to understand. Overall I loved this show and hope to see it again some day.

The featured star of Calamity Jane is, drum roll please… JODIE PRENGER!

Jodie was amazing in this role! I saw her 6 years ago in her role as Nancy in 'Oliver!' and she is just as amazing as she was 6 years ago. Her voice is absolutely astonishing! I hope to see her in a show again soon.

Now for my final verdict on Calamity Jane. I give Calamity Jane… 

Sadly Calamity Jane is only on till the 8th August and then ends it's tour. I beg everyone to go and see it before it ends as this is an amazing production.

Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing The Trial.

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*Please note this show has now finished touring.

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