Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Review: Three Days in the Country

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It's time for my review of Three Days in the Country.
I had been waiting quite a while to see this show because I wanted to watch Mark Gatiss live onstage. I was glad to say I was not let down. It is a drama, but it was very funny. The storyline is: Russia. A beautiful country estate. The mid-nineteenth century. A handsome new tutor brings reckless, romantic desire to an eccentric household. Over three days one summer the young and the old will learn lessons in love: first love and forbidden love, maternal love and platonic love, ridiculous love and last love. The love left unsaid and the love which must out. It was a very clever concept. I thought the costumes were very realistic and the set really suited the play. It was clever how by just moving two or three objects the whole room was changed. The amazing cast included John Light as Arkady, Amanda Drew as Natalya, Lily Sacofsky as Vera, Lynn Farleigh as Anna, Debra Gillet as Lizaveta, John Simm as Rakitin, Gawn Grainger as Schaaf, Royce Pierreson as Belyaev, Mark Gatiss as Shpigelsky, Nigel Betts as Bolshintsov, Nicholas Bishop as Matvey and Cherrelle Skeete as Katya. I did feel most of the performances were better during act 2, but that may just be my opinion. Amanda Drew's and Lily Sacofsky's performances in act 2 were spectacular and really captivating! I also thought the sound effects were good. It was very well casted, especially with Mark Gatiss. Most of the show was great, but there were some parts that really should be changed. First of all I feel the child playing the son of Arkady and Natalya was not right for the role. He really lacked depth and seemed to show no emotion. I also feel there were WAY too many subplots that never really went anywhere. The play at sometimes seems to got a little off-track. I think the ending could be perhaps modified as I feel there are a few things that weren't concluded. One other small thing is that they could have made more references to Russia as I sometime forgot I was watching a play based in Russia. Overall I really enjoyed this and would just like to comment quickly about how great the National Theatre is. It may be one of the nicest theatre's in the West End.

The featured star of Three Days in the Country is, drum roll please… JOHN SIMM!

There were many actors who great at some bits, and not so great in other bits. John was excellent throughout. Every line he said had so much emotion. I had never actually seen John Simm in any TV shows or movies before but will be sure to watch some now.

Now for my final verdict on Three Days in the Country. I give Three Days in the Country… 

I recommend any John Simm or Mark Gatiss fans to see this show as this really showcases their talent.

Think it should have got a higher rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Dear Lupin.

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*Please note this show has now closed.

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