Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Review: Miss Saigon (Jun 2015)

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It's time for my updated review of Miss Saigon.
Miss Saigon is one of my all-time favourite musicals so it was, as usual, a pleasure to watch. Since my last review they have had a major cast change so I thought it would be good to compare them. Unfortunately Chris Peluso wasn't as good as Alastair Brammer in the role of Chris Scott. It's just that Alastair used to just put so much energy and emotion into the role, it's hard to live up to. However Chris still was very good and had great chemistry with Eva (Kim). Tyler Maynard wasn't performing as John Thomas last night and in his place was Aaron Lee Lambert, who I can certainly say was a lot better than Tyler. I just preferred the way Aaron portrayed the character. Once Tyler leaves the production I really hope Aaron gets the role of John full time. Siobhan Dillon wasn't performing either as Ellen and in her place was Claire Parrish. I don't know what Siobhan is like in the role, but I know 100% that Claire was a lot better than Tamsin Carroll who was playing Ellen previously. Claire had such a powerful voice and I find it surprising she is only the understudy. I hope that she also one day gets the role of Ellen full time as she is a real asset to the show. Sangwoong Jo is the new Thuy, but unfortunately he is not as good as Kwang-Ho Hong. The problem is that Sangwoog Jo didn't seem ruthless enough. Kwang-Ho Hong was like a grizzly bear and Sangwoog Jo was more like a beagle puppy. He was however a very talented singer. As before Eva Noblezada, Jon Jon Briones and Masha Songcome as Kim, The Engineer and Gigi Van Tranh were amazing. They had an incredible ensemble who could all sing and dance. The staging and scenery is great and I still think the helicopter scene in act two is done so well. I still also think that the music is wonderful. I do feel the new cast still could use some extra rehearsals and I am sure once they have done so this musical will be perfection.

The featured star of Miss Saigon is, drum roll please… EVA NOBLEZADA!

Out of the three times I have seen Miss Saigon this is the best Eva has performed. This was a hard one between Jon Jon and Eva but I really think Eva deserves it this time as she has such a mesmerising voice.

Now for my final verdict on Miss Saigon. I give Miss Saigon… 

I do still think a few of the new cast need a few extra rehearsals but overall this is still an amazing musical and I hope it is a show that goes on for years in the West End.

Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Peter Pan.

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