Sunday, 28 June 2015

Review: Buckets

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It's time for my review of Buckets.
It has been three years since I had been to the Orange Tree Theatre. Earlier this year when I went to The Spoils I started chatting to Jesse Eisenberg. He asked me where I came from in England and when I told him "Richmond" he told me that he always used to go to the Orange Tree Theatre. So ever since then I have been meaning to go back to the Orange Tree Theatre. I was very glad I went because this was a very interesting play. The storyline was about how from the logical case for kissing immediately, to the crisis of filling a free afternoon, buckets is a warm, wise and witty take on a universal dilemma – how do you deal with the fact that time always runs out? The play splits life into 27 short scenes which offers us a look at decisions, observations and so many more things. The scenery was was very good and I thought it was very clever the way they used a slide as loads of different things. I thought it was good how they made it both a comedy and a drama. Most of the plot was about facing mortality and it is the kind of play that makes you think very deeply about life and death. The great cast consisted of Jon Foster, Tom Gill, Charlotte Josephine, Sarah Malin, Rona Morison and Sophie Steer. There was even a little bit of singing involved where the local choir came onto the stage which was good. I had two favourite scenes. One was where a baby was just about to be born, but first the baby must talk to 'Living Vessels Incorporated' where they asked him if he wants to know how long he will live for. My other favourite was when a girl, Sam, was about to jump in front of a train but then someone comes to mug her. After the mugger realises what Sam was about to do she actually saves her. The choir, who were standing behind me during this scene, made a soundscape of the train which really made the play intense. This was a very, very clever play and I am really sad that last night was it's last night at the Orange Tree Theatre. I really hope that the play tours or goes to the West End as it a truly magnificent show.

The featured star of Buckets is, drum roll please… CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE!

It was very hard to choose the featured star for Buckets but in the end I chose Charlotte because Charlotte's scene where she about to jump in front of the train was portrayed with so much in-depth feeling it was phenomenal. I found it hard not to cry during that scene.

Now for my final verdict on Buckets. I give Buckets… 

I wish I could have done this review earlier to recommend the show to more people, but I was still very glad I had the chance to see it and once again hope that it transfers to the West End.

Think it should have got a higher rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing The Elephant Man.

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*Please note this show has now closed.

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