Sunday, 3 May 2015

Review: The Railway Children

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It's time for my review of The Railway Children.
Now I have to admit, I was rather excited for this show as I had missed it last year at Waterloo Station so was glad I could finally see it. First of all it had a great set. The way they created the train tunnel was very imaginative and clever. They did not have much room to create all the sets but the way they left it to the audience's imagination was great. The costumes were also very good, especially Mr. Perks's and The Old Gentleman's. It had a great storyline about Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis, three children whose lives change dramatically when their father is mysteriously taken away. It is a really emotional play and one that even had me crying at the end. The story was delivered amazingly by all the actors. The cast included: Serena Manteghi as Bobbie, Caroline Harker as The Mother, Jack Hardwick as Peter, Louise Calf as Phyllis, Andrew Loudon as The Father and The Doctor, Moray Treadwell as The Old Gentleman and The Policeman, Clare Corbett as Mrs. Perks and The House Maid, Connie Hyde as Mrs Viney and The Cook, Blair Plant as Schepanksky, The Butler, and The Railman, Mark Hawkins as Jim and The District Superintendent and last but certainly not least all the children. I was however not too keen on Sean Hughes as Mr. Perks. There was one scene when he was supposed to be really angry but he just didn't seem that bothered last night. He just seemed rather uncomfortable. In his defence though the theatre felt like a sauna so it is possible he just felt too hot. If anyone who works at the theatre is reading this I beg them to add air-conditioning to the theatre as at times it felt so hot I was going to faint. Overall it was wonderful family entertainment for young or old.

The featured star of The Railway Children is… SERENA MANTEGHI!

Serena made the audience laugh and cry. She was the perfect fit for this role. If The Railway Children ever comes to the West End I really hope Serena will still be playing this role.

Now for my final verdict of The Railway Children. I give The Railway Children… 

Weather you're 9 or 99, this is a show that is enjoyable for all.

Think it should have got a higher rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Wicked.

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*Please note this show had had minor cast changes since this review.

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