Monday, 11 May 2015

Review: The Lion King

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of The Lion King.
I hadn't seen The Lion King for four years so was super excited to see this. It has improved so much since I last saw it. It wasn't bad when I last saw it, I thought it was good, but yesterday when I saw it I thought it was stunning and has made my list of favourite musicals. To start off my review I just want to say that the costumes were amazing. They were so colourful and beautiful. The sets were also really good and the choreography is just mesmerising. The way they portray the animals using puppets, dancing and various costumes is so genius. The songs in the show are really good and the cast give the songs there all. Cast members who stood out for me were Shaun Escoffery, Ava Brennan as Nala, Brown Lindiwe Mkhize as Rafiki, Richard Frame as Timon, Jamie Golding who was filling in as Pumbaa and can I say if they had not announced before the show he was the understudy I wouldn't have known any difference so well done, Howard Gossington as Zazu, Gemma Knight Jones as Sarabi, Sarah Amankwah as Shenzi, Taofique Folarin as Banzai, Mark McGee as Ed and Young Simba and Nala. I read in the programme before the show that it was going to have an excerpt from Let It Go and I thought "Oh god!" however it was actually really funny they put it in where Zazu sings a little bit of it for Scar. One other bit I thought was very good was when Timon was hanging from the tree about to fall in the river. Also it was a lovely theatre. The only bad things I thought about this show was that I felt Simba needed a deeper voice. His voice didn't sound like a big lion, it sounded like a small cat. I also didn't feel Scar was ferocious enough. He just sounded rather quiet. One final thing was that Timon's puppeteer was dressed in green and this just seemed a bit odd. I realise it was supposed to be camouflage but it actually made it stand out more. Maybe he should've worn black or brown? Apart from that this was an astonishing show and is a show that both children and adult audiences will enjoy.

The featured star of The Lion King is, drum roll please… AVA BRENNAN!

Ava is one of the best singers in the West End. I wouldn't have minded if she had featured in every song in the show. As she wasn't in too many songs I think the show should add some new songs that just feature her.

Now for my final verdict on The Lion King. I give The Lion King… 

The Lion King is currently one of the best West End shows on at the moment and advise everyone to see it.

Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Bugsy Malone.

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*Please note this show has had minor cast changes since this review.


  1. My fav song in The Lion King is "Be Prepared"!

    1. Hey there!
      Thanks for your comment! That's one of my favourites too! Scar is the ultimate Disney villain!

      -The Reviewer