Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review: Bugsy Malone

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of Bugsy Malone.
When they announced they were putting on Bugsy Malone at the Lyric Hammersmith I was really excited as I love the movie. I can certainly say I was not disappointed. The dance routines were incredible. They had some really talented dancers within the ensemble. The songs are really great and fun. Props, costumes and set were all really good and I thought the car scene at the end of act one was hilarious. I have to admit, act two was a little bit better than act one but it was still all good. I also thought it was great at the end how they got everyone up on their feet. It had a great cast, but people who stood out for me were Sasha Gray as Bugsy Malone, Zoe Brough as Blousey Brown, Jenson Steele as Fat Sam Staccetto, Oliver Emery as Dandy Dan, Hammed Animashaun as Leroy Smith, Emily Beacock as Baby Face and Lena Marelli. The way that Leroy was portrayed by an adult was hilarious. I also thought it was great to have a young Dandy Dan as this was adorable. I felt Bugsy lacked a bit with his singing skills and was a lot better at the acting and dancing. The same thing goes for Tallulah, who was a great singer and dancer, but had seemed to have trouble acting, and Fizzy, who could act and sing but had problems dancing and this is quite an issue as he does quite a lot of dancing. However overall this is a lovely production.

The featured star of Bugsy Malone is, drum roll please… ZOE BROUGH

Whereas other cast members had trouble with various things, Zoe could act, sing and dance. She melted the audience's hearts when she sung "Ordinary Fool". She has a bright future ahead of her!

Now for my final verdict on Bugsy Malone. I give Bugsy Malone… 

I hear Bugsy had just extended to September so I advise everyone to see this show.

Think it should have got a higher rating? Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

I have some exciting news everyone, I will be heading back to NY to review a couple of shows so join me next time when I will be reviewing Something Rotten.

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*Please note this show has now closed.

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