Friday, 10 April 2015

Review: Grounded

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of Grounded.
When I first looked up this show I wasn't too sure whether I would like the storyline, but I really wanted to see Anne Hathaway so still decided to buy tickets. And I was very glad I did because this was a rather spectacular show. This was a very emotional and heart warming play about a USA Pilot during the Iraq war. Anne Hathaway was absolutely amazing at playing The Pilot. She has a very good talent of engaging with the audience, which she did very well by herself for an hour and 20 minutes. She really showed us the agony her character experienced, I felt like she really was going through the experience and all the ups and downs that a fighter pilot might have had to deal with during this war, especially when their family life suffered as a result of the mental pressure. This was one of the best one-man shows I have ever seen. Anne also did a great accent for her character. The special effects were also amazing. One thing that some people may not like is there was a lot of swearing and that may put some people off and some people may get a little confused on the storyline. Other than that this was cleverly written, cleverly directed and cleverly acted and incredible for an Off-Broadway show. I chatted to the playwright afterwards and he was very interesting to chat to as when I asked a few questions about the storyline he said it is whatever you interpret it to be which is good as it leaves the audience to decide and have their own perspective.

The featured star of Grounded is, I think this one is a bit obvious… ANNE HATHAWAY!

This is by far one of Anne's best performances. She portrayed this role faultlessly and really brought the audience to tears towards the end.

Now for my final verdict on Grounded. I give Grounded… 

This would make such an amazing film and it would be great if it could come to West End and Broadway.

Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing Skylight

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*Please note this show has now closed.

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