Sunday, 12 April 2015

Review: Chicago (Broadway April 2015)

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It's time for my updated review of Chicago.
Now this show was absolutely amazing as always. It had fantastic dancing, as before. The singing and dancing numbers were as stunning as usual and so were the costumes and set. I am not too sure what to say about this show as it is still as great as it always has been. It is a wonderful musical that will never disappoint and this is because it has such a superb cast. Each and every cast member has so much energy. Paige Davis was not there so we saw her understudy Angel Reda as Roxie Hart, and she was absolutely phenomenal. She was even better than Jennifer Nettles. She just seemed to suit the role really well and I think she should play her permanently. Unfortunately I didn't feel Amra-Faye Wright as Velma Kelly was as good as Carly Hughes as Carly seemed to be born for that role. However Amra-Faye gave it her all and still did a fabulous Velma. Not only that but she is 54 years old, and for a 54 year old to be that good a dancer is incredible. John Dossett as Billy Flynn was a better actor than Alexander Gemignani, but not quite as good an singer. Raymond Bokhour and NaTasha Yvette Willaims as Amos Hart and Matron "Mama" Morton were excellent as always and finally R. Lowe as Mary Sunshine seemed to be better than M. Deming. Last time when I said I didn't think the Mary Sunshine costume was that good, I now take that back as R. Lowe's costume seemed to be a bit better. Overall this is still a wonderful production and hope to see it again.

The featured star of Chicago is… ANGEL REDA!

Angel proves that understudies can sometimes be even better than people who do the show full time. She really was made for this role and I really hope she gets the role of Roxy full time.

It's now time for my final verdict on Chicago. I give Chicago… 

Chicago, yet again, managed to win a 5 star rating. This is a fabulous show and I advise everyone to see it.

Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder.

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*Please note this show has had major cast changes since this review.

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