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Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (April 2015)

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It's time for my review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Now this, I have to say, is one of my favourite musicals in the West End. This was my fourth time seeing this show and by far the best. The sets are just fantastic. They had probably some of the best sets in the West End. They also had some really good costumes. I know some people moan that the songs aren't very good, but I have to disagree with those people. I thought the songs were absolutely amazing and they were amazingly sung as well. The Oompa-Loompas were great and the fact they were tap-dancing made them all the better. My favourite scene was the great glass elevator scene, this bit is absolutely magical. It had a great all round cast who really worked well together, but people who stood out for me were Alex Jennings as Willy Wonka, Barry James as Grandpa Joe, Josefina Gabrielle as Mrs. Teavee, Roni Page as Grandma Josephine, Nia Fisher who was filling in as Grandma Georgina, Billy Boyle as Grandpa George and all the children. However for some reason the boy playing Charlie seemed a little bit agitated. He seemed to keep on fidgeting. He was probably really tired as this is a huge role for a young person to play. It seems a lot of things have changed since I last saw this show, but they have changed for the better. Overall this was an amazing production and it will teach kids to think twice before misbehaving.

The featured star of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is, drum roll please… ALEX JENNINGS!

What I thought was good was that Alex put his own spin on this role. He hadn't copied from Gene Wilder, he hadn't copied from Johnny Depp, he hadn't copied from Douglas Hodge, he was completely original. I think if they ever do another movie of Charlie he should play Willy Wonka.

Now for my final verdict on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I give Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… 

I recommend this show to anyone from age 5 to age 99, it is a musical master-piece. 

Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below. 

I have some exciting news about my next review: I am coming back to New York so will be reviewing some Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Join me next time when I will be reviewing my first ever Off-Broadway show Into the Woods.

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