Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Review: The Ruling Class

Hey readers!
It's time for my review of The Ruling Class.
Now this is by far one of my favourite plays of all time. I knew very little about this show and this made me love it even more. I never knew what would come next. I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next plot-twist. This show never got boring. The show also had amazing actors, including: James McAvoy as Jack the 14th Earl of Gurney, Ron Cook as Sir Charles Gurney, Kathryn Drysdale as Grace Shelly, Joshua McGuire as Dinsdale Gurney, Anthony O'Donnell as Daniel Tucker, Michael Cronin as Bishop Bertie Lampton, Serena Evans as Lady Clare Gurney, Elliot Levey as Dr. Herder, Paul Leonard as the 13th Earl of Gurney, Mrs. Piggot-Jones, McKlye's Assistant, Detective Inspector Brockett, and Second Lord and finally Forbes Masson as the Toastmaster, Matthew Peake, Mrs. Treadwell, McKyle, Kelso Truscott Q.C, Detective Sergeant Fraser and First Lord. The cast really gelled well together which helped the play be as great as it was. They had an amazing portrayal of English aristocratic greed and pompousness. You were really brought into their lives and transported into their heads. However there were a few things about the show that I didn't like. First of all I didn't quite get why it was advertised as a comedy. It seemed like only 10% comedy and 90% drama. However that 10% was hilarious, but still too much drama for a comedy. I also feel they overdid it on the gore a bit and this could have been toned down just a little. I'm not sure what the movie is like, but if this version were a movie it would be a 15. The only other criticism I have is just for the venue. The seats were terribly un-comfy with the chairs being more like a bench. It was also baking hot with no air-conditioning. Besides all that the show was absolutely brilliant.

The featured star for The Ruling Class is, drum roll please… JAMES MCAVOY!

There was no one better for this role. He was amazing and I personally think he should win an award for this role.

Now for my final verdict on The Ruling Class. I give The Ruling Class…

I loved this show and hope to see it again! Although that's if I can bare the venue!

Think it should have got a lower rating? If so comment below.

I also have some exciting news. Tomorrow I will be travelling to New York and will be reviewing a few Broadway shows. So join me next time when I will be reviewing It's Only a Play.

Thanks for reading!

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*Please note this show has now closed.

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